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Dessert is what we do best! Miss vegan is a cruelty free bakery based out of Providence Rhode Island. You can find us at pop ups, farmer's markets, and festivals across New England. Parties, birthdays, and weddings, we have that covered too! We use locally sourced and all natural ingredients whenever possible. Most of our menu is created without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. The most important feature of our bakery is that we are always cruelty free! Everything we create is free of any animals products or bi-products, while still creating a magically delicious treat. So, let Miss Vegan handle the dessert, and let us make life a little sweeter! 



Meghan Broadfield is the woman behind the magic. Miss Vegan was created originally in 2008, but was relaunched in 2017. Meghan is self-taught and has more than 10 years experience in the pastry industry. She has mastered the creation of cruelty free decedent recipes and eye catching designs.

As a young kid, Meghan knew that sugar was in her blood. Her fondest memory is of baking with her grandmother around the holidays, rolling out pie crusts and the smell off cinnamon overtaking the whole house. That's not where the sweetness ends. For everyone that loves cake batter and cookie dough, Meghan was just the same. She would often mix batters or doughs and fill up on them. Knowing her grandmother would be upset with the raw dough addiction, Meg would hide cups of batter out in the woods. She would sneak out, stand behind the trees and drink the cake batter like it was her life source! Now, if that's not sugar love, I don't know what is. 

Meghan hopes to share her passion and love of the pastry world by creating mind blowing desserts that bring people together. Her goal is to put a smile on your face, bring cheer to your tastebuds, and create a dessert everyone will enjoy.





"Picked up my first ever Miss Vegan cupcake in the Oreo flavor.... dear goodness, it’s the best thing to ever cross my tastebuds. I will rave about this cupcake for probably another few weeks. Can’t wait to try more!", Miriam

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Giving Back

Miss Vegan is totally into giving back to the community. Each month Miss Vegan partners with a different non-profit. A fun cake is created just for them.  With each special cake sold, part of the proceeds are donated to the chosen non-profit. Miss Vegan has worked with organizations like Youth Pride of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Vegan Awareness. Being a community that works together is being part of a community that grows together. 

If you know of a non-profit that would like to team up with Miss Vegan or if you are looking for ways to help in your local community contact us! 


"Absolutely incredible. Everything I’ve ever tried by Miss Vegan is the best I’ve ever had. I’m not even a foodie but I find myself looking for pop ups so I can get my fix! Im so impressed with this young lady, customer service is prompt and courteous, the presentation is always beautiful and the prices are surprisingly affordable for such gorgeous vegan treats. Miss Vegan also did a cake for my friend’s party that was a huge hit among people who had never tried vegan treats before. I’m so happy to spread the word, Miss Vegan definitely deserves a ton of positive attention!," Sarah.

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